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Chris Russell

Chris is the Founder and CEO of Fitness 4 Focus. After college Chris returned to Central Pennsylvania where he began to work for a local agency as a Therapeutic Staff Support (TSS) from 2003-2012. His primary role as a TSS was to provide intervention strategies in order to assist students in developing daily living, social and cultural skills.


In 2005, while playing catch during recess with a client named Tommy, Chris took notice that Tommy had deficits in areas that many take for granted.   Due to Chris' background in physical education and athletics, he immediately began to help Tommy improve in the areas of physical endurance, strength and coordination.  In that moment, an idea was born. Chris began to envision a place where special needs individuals like Tommy could participate in meaningful individualized physical activity.  A place where given the right kind of training they could become physically and mentally stronger, gain more independence, and as a result become happier and healthier. Chris’s new found passion combined with his knowledge and experience led to the creation and now continued success of Fitness 4 Focus.


Sean Jarman

Sean has firsthand experience in supporting those with special needs due to being the twin brother of an individual on the autism spectrum. Outside of the gym Sean likes to read, play the guitar, run, and play pickup soccer or basketball.

Sean first recognized his passion for fitness through his high school gym teacher, who made his brutal 90 minute training sessions seem enjoyable by engaging with his students and encouraging them to go beyond their self-imposed limits. Sean hopes to adopt this ethic every time he works with a Fitness 4 Focus athlete. In addition to working as a F4F trainer, Sean is involved with updating our website, editing printed and online information, and expanding the company’s social media presence.


Alexis Sanders

Alexis is originally from Fairfield, PA but has been around the Lancaster area ever since graduating with her Bachelor’s of Science in Exercise Science from Lebanon Valley College. Her senior year at LVC she completed an internship with Fitness 4 Focus at the Hershey location where she realized how much she enjoyed working in the gym with the athletes. Her uplifting spirit and energy really helps the athletes get motivated and enjoy their time in the gym. Watching the athletes get stronger and more confident in themselves every session is very rewarding and is one of the reasons she was excited to be able to join the F4F team. 


She grew up being a multi-sport athlete, so overall health and fitness have always been important to her. Outside of the gym, she enjoys playing basketball, drawing, and up-cycling different materials. She also loves to dance so don’t be surprised if you see her bust some moves to some music in the gym. 


Allyson Confer

Ally is a Hershey, PA native. Growing up, she was involved in many sports, although soccer was her true passion and talent. Her lifestyle emphasis on physical activity led her to Messiah College, where she is currently pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Physical Education and will be graduating in May of 2019.

Ally first took notice to Fitness 4 Focus while attending the Walk for Apraxia in 2015. She was drawn to the enthusiastic love displayed by the employees towards their athletes. F4F was not only a chance for her to work with individuals with special needs through physical fitness, but also one of the greatest and most rewarding opportunities to impact these individuals.

Ally enjoys seeing the physical, mental, and personal growth exhibited by each and every F4F athlete that walks through their doors. Being able to witness and be a part of their progress is one of the (many) reasons Ally enjoys being a part of the F4F crew. Being a part of the F4F family has impacted Ally's personal growth, giving her the opportunity to become a more understanding, empathetic, patient, and accepting human being


Jake Hartzell

Jake  is a graduate of Central Dauphin High School, He played high school football, but his real passion didn’t come for the sport until he went to college at Kansas State University and he lost a significant amount of weight. Jake loves to work out and has a passion for fitness and healthy living.


Jake was 19 months old when his brother was born. His brother has a rare syndrome called Sotos Syndrome and is also on the Autism Spectrum. In the lessons he has learned living with his brother, Jake has a calling for working with people with Special Needs. He has seen first hand the struggles his brother has endured and he has a desire to see people with special needs treated equally to those who are typical.


Jake has long term dreams of becoming a Psychiatrist to help support people like his brother and his family.



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