Enrollment Process For Gym Membership

Step 1 - Sign up for a Free Gym Session

All athletes who would like to join the Fitness 4 Focus gym our required to come to a Free Gym Session first.  This will give athletes (and caregivers) an opportunity to learn about our program, get a taste of a session at the gym, and give us a chance to learn about an athletes current fitness level and goals.  

Step 2 - Enroll in Gym Membership 

Once you have completed the Free Gym Day and are ready to enroll in they gym, click here to become a member.  Once on the membership page, you'll have the opportunity to select which membership level you'd like:

  • Bronze - Athlete will come to the gym 4x a month - 1x a week

  • Silver - Athlete will come to the gym 6x a month - 1x a week plus 2 additional sessions/month

  • Gold - Athlete will come to the gym 8x a month - 2x a week

Step 3 - Confirm your schedule on the calendar

Once you have become a member, you'll need to login to your account and select what day/time of the week the athlete will be coming to the gym.   We always recommend athletes come the same day and time each week whenever possible.   You can always reschedule a session if need be.